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Questions Regarding Nagai's Work

 投稿者:Kiara Parisius de Lima  投稿日:2019年 3月15日(金)09時10分12秒
  Dear Mr. Nagai, or Madam and/or Sir,

Your email is currently too full, so I cannot write you an email. Therefore, I am writing in this guest book.If you are able to reply to my email, please contact me: kiara.parisiusdelima@gmail.com

My name is Kiara Parisius de Lima and I am a student in Germany. I am conducting an analytical project involving Mr. Nagai's work for my art class. I am writing to you, because I have four brief questions about two of Mr. Nagai's pieces, namely "Tennis" and "Pool 14", as well as questions regarding the legitimacy of sources found online.

Firstly, here are my questions about "Tennis" and "Pool 14", which I was unable to find answers to on Mr. Nagai's official website:
1. What is the medium?
2. When was the artwork completed?
3. What is the size of the artwork?
4. What are the artwork's current whereabouts?

Secondly, I found secondary sources outside of Mr. Nagai's official website displaying what is labelled as Mr. Nagai's work. Here is a link to the source: http://khooll.com/post/131225180353/archatlas-hiroshi-nagai
The artwork I am referring to is the first. Can you confirm that this is Mr. Nagai's work? If so, could you please answer the same four questions above regarding this piece, as well as what the title of this piece is?

Below is a translated version of the same text, translated by Google Translate (please excuse any mistakes). Your cooperation would be of much help to me. Thank you!

Kind regards,
Kiara Parisius de Lima



このテキストはGoogleで翻訳されています。 間違いをお許しください。

私の名前はKiara Parisius de Limaです。私はドイツの学生です。私は私の美術の授業のために永井さんの仕事を含む分析プロジェクトを行っています。私はあなたに手紙を書いています、なぜなら私は永井氏の作品のうちの2つ、すなわち「Tennis」と「Pool 14」についての4つの短い質問と、オンラインで見つけられた情報源の正当性に関する質問を持っているからです。

まず、「Tennis」(TennisHQ.html)と「Pool 14」(Pool14HQ.html)についての質問があります。これらの質問に対して、私は永井氏の公式ウェブサイトへの回答を見つけることができませんでした。



Kiara Parisius de Lima


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