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 投稿者:Tyler Pearson  投稿日:2017年10月27日(金)22時52分55秒

Please excuse my English. My name is Tyler, I am a 28 year old university student studying Literature, and I am absolutely in love with Mr. Nagai's Paintings. The art stimulates and yet relaxes me at the same time. The simplicity of the skies and grasses, the intensity of the colours, and the hidden complexities of the flora are truly astounding. I would love to purchase some of Mr. Nagai's albums, to have an idea of which music this artwork works in tandem with. Personally, when I look at the artwork, I like to listen to 8- and 16-bit video game music, such as the type that was used on the Super Famicom and the Sega Genesis systems. I was wondering, what is the medium used? If I ever achieve success on my own, I would be honoured to have some of Mr. Nagai's artwork on my wall, or even to commission a piece. Thank you for your wonderful work!



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