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thank you for all you've done

 投稿者:Jacob Bloom  投稿日:2020年11月24日(火)01時50分49秒
  Dear Mr. Nagai or to whom it may concern,
I love your artwork so much, I have a poster of one piece on my wall, and another as my desktop background. I cannot understate how much I love your work. They make me feel happy and relaxed whenever I look at one. Thank you very much.

Thanks and Hello!

 投稿者:William Scully  投稿日:2020年11月 1日(日)19時33分54秒
  Hello Mr. Nagai, and hello to you, fellow guest, if you're reading this.

Mr Nagai, apparently your email is full, so I'm not sure that you're reading any of these, but if you do, I want you to know that you still matter so much to me. Your art colors my life and I'm so glad I get to experience it. I hope that you do one day read this. I wish I could express to you how much your work is a part of my life. Thank you.

To you, guest, reading this, what brought you here? Fun back corner of the internet we have found ourselves in, huh? I'm sure our interests are more closely aligned than you would imagine, haha.

I hope when you read this COVID is over.

(This will sound really good in the future when it is over, I bet)

Thank you again, Mr. Nagai.

From Southern California, with much love,





 投稿者:Gavin Knapton  投稿日:2020年10月 3日(土)03時20分26秒
  Your work is truly beautiful. Thank you so very much for all your hard work. By the way is this one of your works? I couldn't find it on your page, but you can't deny the style is just like yours. I wanted to know so I can see the original image myself.



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 投稿者:song  投稿日:2020年 8月 4日(火)23時25分49秒

Thank You

 投稿者:Henrique  投稿日:2020年 8月 2日(日)12時41分1秒
  I've first discovered your artwork in a Citypop music mix on youtube and i was stunned by the music and the art. I just wanted to say thank you for your work! Many gorgeous pieces that I wish I had in my walls!  

I love it

 投稿者:Carlos  投稿日:2020年 4月18日(土)03時25分3秒
  I love your pictures.  


 投稿者:hugo L.  投稿日:2020年 4月16日(木)08時25分7秒
  Vos oeuvres sont parmi les plus belles choses que j'ai jamais vu.  


 投稿者:hugo  投稿日:2020年 4月16日(木)08時24分28秒
  Vos oeuvres sont parmi les plus belles choses que j'ai jamais vu.  


 投稿者:uni girl  投稿日:2020年 1月 5日(日)20時37分40秒
  ii stumbled across your artwork through an instagram post on
a random account but wow, am i glad i did. There's something about these pieces of art that make me feel nostalgic, happy and sad all at the same time. It reminds me of the sunsets and views i saw as a child in LA but also the views i see now living in Tokyo.
I really enjoy gazing at your art while listening to Honne.